Irish journalist questions film’s message

After watching the film North Bac (scheduled for August 18 in theaters) of Cedric Jimenez during the Cannes Film Festival, an Irish journalist “opened” a debate on the impact he could have a few months before the presidential election. While acknowledging having enjoyed the film, “_Canbe that I will vote Marine Le Pen after that “explainedhe at the press conference to illustrate his discomfort...

“It’s a vision we still have in the French media”

North Bac is a shocking film that the team claims to be “based on a true story. We follow a group of Marseille police officers who go beyond the limits to improve results in the northern districts of Marseille. These characters embodied by Gilles Lellouche, François Civil and Karim Leklou evolve in the cliché universe of popular Marseille : “The film is great, but there is a problem here. We are in an election year. And I was embarrassed. Really embarrassed. And I was not the only one. explained the Irish spectator.

It’s a vision we have still in the French media : areas where you cannot pass, areas outside civilization, areas where French law must be reimposed “ regrets the Irish journalist, “We are in an election year. I saw that with the eye of a stranger and I say to myself: canbe that I will vote Le Pen after that “. The man also takes the time to clarify that he is coming himeven from a city and that he regrets seeing the inhabitants of the neighborhoods being often dehumanized in the cinema.

His intervention begins at the 3rd minute from the press conference:

Faced with this Irish journalist, the director Cedric Jimenez defends himself to play the game of the RN: “I hope that Marine Le Pen will not pass thanks to me, that would piss me off “ answer the. On the contrary, I tried with the film to actually relate areas that have great difficulties. Who may appear genuinely hostile.__ “ recognize the real ‘, “But I don’t think we have to settle this with a radical vote like Marine Le Pen, not at all.

The director of French then denounced the lack of means which our law enforcement agencies have to face: “the lack of means create anger__. So obviously the police are dealing with dealers, delinquents and not the entire population of the northern districts. It’s a point of view, it’s an angle. But I don’t think the film is there to denounce areas of lawlessness and to stir up anger, on the contrary “.

French cinema, too “cliché”?

This is not the first time that we have criticized a French film to be too “cliché”. Remember, on the title Endless cloud, present on the album Turn away from her released in September 1998, the great Fabe was already rapping these rhymes:

“the difference between Spike Lee, Kassovitz and Richet is that Spike Lee talks about what he is without excess; without getting upset, our little brothers watch your successful films, you fantasize about blacks, Arabs and young people. , incite, excite, but existyou to put the noose around us or to resist? You should know, to have hope is all very well but to push people to war, tanks against stones, I find it rotten !

To meditate...

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