My Cannes diary, episode 10: “This film, for sure, Mylène Farmer loved it!”

HUMOR TICKET – From July 6 to 17, I tell you, from the Croisette, the 74th edition of the Cannes Film Festival from the inside, between favorites and scratches. Today, the little game of predictions as the winners approach.

In two days, the jury of the 74th Cannes Film Festival will award its Palme d’Or and the little game consists, as every year, in imagining what its members may have thought of the selection that was presented to them during the fortnight. Officially, nothing filters out even if there is always a little clever to tell you that “thingh thing loved the Farahdi” or “stuffy hated the Moretti. Don’t ask me, I don’t know whyWhat is certain, however, is that like their predecessors, Spike Lee and his comrades never see the films together. But they meet at regular intervals to exchange their impressions. The rest…

There is a sentence that I have read, heard a lot and, I admit, myself pronounced several times since July 6: “This film, for sure, Mylène Farmer loved it“. I told myself that in front of Annette by Leos Carax just for the puppet which reminded me of the one in the video for “Sans contrefaçon”. I told myself that in front of Benedetta by reminding me that the singer herself shocked the Catholic Church by reproducing the crucifixion of Christ at the time of “I give you my love”. I thought about it again before Titanium, just for the erotic choreographies at the auto show.

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The Cannes Film Festival is back after a year of pandemic

But what do I know about it? Maybe I’m seriously wrong and Mylène fell for the Norwegian romantic comedy like many of us. Julie (in 12 chapters)? Perhaps she was moved by the relentless struggle of the African teenager to Lingui in order to dispose of his body? Maybe also that she has already been to the emergency room and that it brought back bad memories to her when she returned to it when she saw The divide ? Maybe maybe…

I don’t know about you, but I hate when people get a preconceived idea of ​​my tastes and opinions. It is only fools who do not change their mind and I find it magical to be confused, turned around, upset by a look, a speech, a voice that has come out of nowhere when I least expect it. And frankly who would have thought that Tim Burton would give the Palme d’Or to Uncle boonmee ? Or that Sean Penn would identify with the rebellious college kids ofBetween the walls ? Or that Steven Spielberg would be seduced by the LGBT romance of The Life of Adele ? Come on, I have some concrete info: Saturday night, we’re going to have a big surprise.

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